Why Co-Work?


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THE SHARPEST MINDS HAVE DISCOVERED that collaboration, shared expenses and the serendipity of meeting other talented people are the new keys to succeeding with their business or social project.

WE ASKED SOME OF OUR MEMBERS: ” Why Do YOU co-work?” We asked them at one of our networking meetings – completely off the cuff.  No one knew we were going to ask and NO ONE knew we would be filming the responses. The following video show their unrehearsed, impromptu responses.




WHY PAY BIG BUCKS for office or meeting space when you only need it a few hours/day or week or month?  Why not rent in 1 ½ hour time slots, ½ days, full days or a month at a time – as you need it.

WHY SIT BY YOURSELF in your home office trying to figure out a way to make new contacts for your business or project when you could be meeting new prospects or people with solutions to your challenges easily by coworking?

WHY TRY TO WORK OR MEET YOUR CLIENTS in a noisy coffee shop or restaurant when instead you could enjoy great gourmet coffee, specialty tea & homemade cookies along with business class wi-fi in a professional setting that connects you to other sharp people and makes you look good to your clients.  Oh, and when you need a break –there are people to join in a game of cards, darts, suduko or discuss your favourite passions (ie. Sports, fishing, movies, business startups & more)

SO, WHETHER YOU NEED a place to:

1)   Meet clients or suppliers

2)   Work in between appointments

3)   Launch your business

4)   Meet new prospects

5)   Conduct a lunch ‘n learn, training session or webinar

6)   Hold a mediation session

7)   Shoot a video

8)   Conduct an interview

9)   Hold a networking meeting…..

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