The Van Gogh Room

Love cozy nooks?  We’ve got one for you!

The Van Gogh Room - Co-WorkingTHE VAN GOGH ROOM IS THE PERFECT SPOT TO CURL UP IN A COMFY CHAIR and brainstorm some new ideas or finish that project you’ve been meaning to do for a while.   Tuck yourself in and, with no distractions, you’ll make some great progress in no time! (Of course, if you’d like a distraction beyond those found on your computer, then pop you head out or head to the coffee bar in the Manet Room).


Coffee in The Van Gogh RoomYET, IT’S ALSO THE PERFECT SPOT TO MEET WITH A FRIEND FOR COFFEE and have a nice, quiet chat or laugh your troubles away.  The Gourmet coffee, specialty tea, bottled water and homemade cookies make the whole thing “trés elegant!

NEED A SPOT TO HAVE A COUNSELING SESSION? Yes, this is it.  It’s quiet, non confrontational, and the comfy chairs make it a relaxed atmosphere.

THOUGH, MAYBE YOU JUST NEED TO TAKE A NAP!  Yep, pillow is provided.  (Shhh, we won’t let anyone know you are here) Sweet dreams!  Then you can awake to the aroma of that delicious coffee.. Yah, we co-workers know how to live!

ROOM CAPACITY: 1-3 People.


Call: 706-237-6789


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