The Monet Room

Sometimes you need to look like an Executive OR you just need some privacy.

   THE MONET ROOM WITH IT’S CARPET, large desk, extra table, grandfather clock and Monet print on the wall is the perfect executive suite to give you and your business that first class image.  With this room, we can even escort your guests to your private entrance and boost your image. This room has an ethernet connection too.

Meeting Clients in The Monet RoomIT’S THE PERFECT SPOT for that important client meeting, OR to get the peace and privacy to get some serious work done OR to conduct an online meeting where sensitive information (like financials) is going to be discussed.  It’s also a great spot to do a webinar.

NEED TO CONDUCT a sensitive mediation session where privacy and quiet are important? The Monet Room is an excellent choice. Comfortable surroundings and no distractions.

Working in the Monet RoomOR, IF YOU NEED TO RENT an office for your business for a month or more at a time, this is it! You have your own private entrance, yet all the fun amenities that co-working offers (ie. free coffee, tea, cookies & wi-fi, game breaks, executive assistant help). Plus, the chance to interact with other sharp business people that can help you move your business forward! How perfect is that!

ROOM CAPACITY: 1-6 People.


Call: 706-237-6789

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