The Magritte Room

Sometimes you need a little privacy OR an office of your own.

The Magritte RoomTHE MAGRITTE ROOM  is perfect if you want to work with 2-3 other people on something confidential.  With a large flat desk  and an extra table there is lots of space to lay out materials and discuss business plans or financials.


IT’S ALSO PERFECT IF YOU WANT TO INTERVIEW.  If you are a company trying to get established or a small business expanding and you don’t have an office of your own, this is a much better option than trying to interview in the middle of a restaurant or in a hotel room or hotel lobby. You look professional, information can be kept confidential, and our receptionist can greet your candidates & offer coffee & tea. It’s also a good option for retail stores who may only have a single office in the back that everyone must use and therefore, is not conducive for interviewing without interruptions.

ARE YOU A FINANCIAL PLANNER OR COUNSELOR?  Then you definitely don’t want to be discussing people’s personal financial information in a public area like a restaurant.  Enjoy a cup of gourmet coffee or specialty tea with cookies with your clients in a professional, private setting which will help people feel more comfortable sharing personal information with you.

Working in The Magritte Room - The Venture SpotPERHAPS YOU NEED AN OFFICE OF YOUR OWN for a bit to get some work done or to be your personal base for your new start up business.  You’ll love the comfy office chair, the large size office, and a flat desk that’s perfect for spreading out papers and your laptop.

THIS ROOM IS ALSO GOOD FOR FILMING VIDEO.  We can add in additional lighting and the wall color and the wall hangings make a good backdrop for videos.

So, if you are the “Faceless Businessman in the Bowler Hat” tycoon, The Magritte Room is for you. Go ahead, take a risk – throw the dart and see if it tells you to “take a vacation!”

ROOM CAPACITY: 4-6 people



Call: 706-237-6789


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