The Coolidge Room

  writingonwhiteboard (2) The Coolidge Room 23 THE COLLABORATION ROOM is so much fun! When you are working with a group to get an idea off the ground this is your spot!  There’s a hexagonal table so everyone can face everyone else to talk, the chairs all roll out so people can get up to demonstrate or elaborate, the whiteboard enables everyone to diagram their ideas or you can project from your computer on to it and the coffee bar is just outside the door.  The ideas really flow in this room!! Oh, and when you need a break you can play some cards  :)

best (2) in the Coolidge Room 23  IT’S ALSO PERFECT FOR TRAINING sessions – particularly anything that involves computers.  The trainer can easily walk around the table to give individualized assistance and the participants can engage easily with other attendees.  Presentations can be projected onto the whiteboard and once again, the coffee bar is right outside the door.

ANOTHER GREAT USE IS MEDIATION sessions.  It is much easier to negotiate when everyone is facing in,not across a table and the chairs are comfortable and ideas can be written on the board for consideration. Oh and there’s lots of soothing tea and cookies too!

Taking A Break in the Coolidge Room Everyone has such fun in this room while also being very productive.  So come by and say “Deal Me In” to the fun in The Coolidge room.



6 seats around the table.

Extra table with projector can be added for presenter.

Additional table can be added for additional seating.

Max Capacity with table seating:  8

Max Capacity with just additional chairs: 10



Call: 706-237-6789


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