Privacy Policy

The Venture Spot respects the privacy of its members and users and so  here are the answers to the commonly asked questions:

1) Do you sell my information so that I will get a bunch of spam e-mail and unsolicited marketing?
 The Venture Spot Dog   No, we, at The Venture Spot, will never knowingly give or sell names, personal data or e-mail addresses to any third parties for the purposes of creating  mailing lists for solicitations.
However, please be aware that should you use one of the links in The Venture Spot to go to another company’s webpage, you should read the Privacy policy of that company before deciding to use that company’s site. The Venture Spot is not responsible for the activities of other companies.
2)  What information do you collect and how do you use it?
On the website we collect very little information.  On our contact form you will be asked to provide your name and e-mail  (and possibly phone number) so we can reply to your questions or contact you to book a room, a Free Tour , your event or your attendance at an event.
Also, through our use of Google Analytics we will track the aggregate information of how many people visited our site and which pages they viewed (for how long) so we can continue to make the site more valuable to our users.
3) Do you share my information with any third parties?
If you are signing up for one of our events, then we will be connecting you with Pay Pal to take your payment and they have a very strict privacy policy as well. We do not store any financial or personally identifiable information on our site.  On occasion, we may have to share some limited information with a web designer to fix a trouble spot on the site. Also, if by law, we are required to disclose information for the protection of our legal rights we will be obligated to do so. Otherwise, all your information is kept confidential.
It’s our equivalent of having a 10 digit pin.