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If you just want to try The Venture Spot OR you are just going to be in town for one day OR  you only need to use the facility once in a while – you can be a Walk-In

Of course, if you are going to use the space regularly, it’s much better to become a member. It’s cheaper, you have lots of way cool benefits and you get to hang out  with fun people that are “Changing The Game”! Click Memberships to get the 411.

Our Pricing Schedule for Walk-Ins is called our  Á La Carte  Menu.  We book in 1 ½ hour time slots, so the prices below are per 1 ½ hours.  All prices include unlimited Papa Joe’s Gourmet Coffee, Specialty Tea, Bottled Water, Homemade Cookies and FREE wi-fi.

A Walk-In basically means if the space is available at the time you need it, you can book it, pay the Walk-In Price, use the facility and then go home (of course you must share what fun you had while you were here with others :) )


The Venture Spot Walk In Pricing Sept 2013