MembersMembers have the most fun and get a lot of cool benefits!  Beyond getting significant discounts costwise, they enjoy the even bigger benefit of hanging with the right people in a fun environment and getting access to other services like Executive Assistant or Technical help when they need it.


We have a membership package to fit you!  (even if we have to custom design it :) ). Memberships are based on a point system and billed monthly (see monthly pricing below).  For each membership level you are given a specific number of points that you can use in any of the rooms.  So, you are not locked into using only one room or office.  If today you need an office to interview and tomorrow you just need to have a quick meeting at a table and next week you need to train 6 people in the collaboration room – you book it and we deduct the appropriate number of points. (subject to availability). We offer you flexible spaces to match the different requirements of your business.

Our facility is modeled after the movie The Thomas Crown Affair and  just like Catherine Banning says to Thomas Crown, “So, just how big a thief are you anyway?” we say “Just how big an entrepreneur or socialpreneur are you?“  Are you a Rascal, Rogue or Scoundrel?


Read the Membership descriptions below and you tell us:

The Venture Spot Membership pricing menu Sep 2013


The Venture Spot Membership Pricing Menu Page 2 Sept 2013


 Members also have access to Other Services

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