Coworking – Perfect for Start Up Businesses

Entrepreneurs: Start Your Business Here!Why?      

WE OFFER YOU PROFESSIONAL office and meeting space when you need it, at a price you can afford – with the bonus of meeting other entrepreneurs who can help you succeed.

twinsies (2) The Manet Room 22AS A START UP BUSINESS , you often don’t have the customers established to support the cost of having a full time office space.  Also, most commerical leases require a minimum of a 2-3 year lease. That can be daunting when you are still not sure if the business will succeed or how fast it will succeed.  Rarely does a new business start to make a profit month one or two.

 THEN TO FIND EXECUTIVE OFFICE SPACE in an area of town that would give you a professional image and you would want to invite your clients to visit, you will likely pay at least $500/month.  However, this will not usually be furnished office space, so you will have to purchase furniture, utilities will be extra and, quite often with commercial space, you will be paying the property taxes.  Then, if you want a photocopier, wi-fi  or to serve coffee, that will be your expense too!  That can add up:

  • Base Rent                                $500

  • Taxes                                        $ 75

  • Utilities                                     $250

  • Furniture                                  $200

  • Wi-Fi /Phone  (Bus Class)        $150

  • Coffee, Supplies etc                  $200

  •                                                      _____


  This is just an estimate.  Real expenses could be + or – a bit.

IN REALITY, AS A NEW BUSINESS,  you will not be sitting in an office all day.  You will spend sometime in the office working and meeting clients and the rest of the time out prospecting for new business.

HOW GREAT WOULD IT BE to have professional office space that

  • you shared with other entrepreneurs

  • that was fully furnished

  • that included free coffee, tea, homemade cookies and business class wi-fi

  • that offered a monthly networking meeting

For most people using The Venture Spot Club: Rome this will cost them $400/month or LESS!  (it’s dependent on how much space you need and how often). Also, you will have access to executive assistant help, technical assistance  AND, at a co-working space , you continually meet new people who either help you with your new business or who may be your next customer!!! Now that makes building your business SO MUCH EASIER! You get to work for yourself, but not by yourself and that helps you succeed faster!!

We have a lot of sharp business people working out of our space – people who are changing how things are done in their industry.  Therefore, we call our community the “Game Changers!”  Come join us.


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