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Why struggle to put all the pieces together for your great new business idea when you could collaborate with other sharp business people who have the knowledge and the strengths in areas that you lack! Where do you find these people?  At your local co-working space!

Who does this?  Successful entrepreneurs  all around the world.  Zappo’s Shoes CEO Tony Hsieh is working to turn downtown Las Vegas into a coworking area  because he believes ” business, going forward, will be fueled by “serendipity,” the chance encounters between technologist, thinker, social entrepreneur, artist and venture capitalist to create the new. (from Even large successful companies like Amway, Wolverine and Steelcase are co-working and collaborating at Grid 760 in Michigan.

Collaboration and coworking helps level the playing field so even new start-up ventures can win like the big guys.  The Venture Spot Club: Rome   co-ordinates collaboration projects.  We can help you find a core team to work on your  idea or project OR if you would like to work on a game changing idea we can connect you to existing or upcoming projects.

Don’t worry. Everyone must be vetted, everyone must sign a non compete, confidentiality agreement and there is a limited number of people per project.  Also, there are two levels of collaboration projects.   Some projects are “Closed” projects meaning they are a few members working together on a game changing idea but there currently isn’t any option for new members to participate.

Open Projects are current projects where new team members are being sought (though each project has a specific skill sets it needs, so potential team members will be interviewed)   So, if you have a game changing idea you are working on and would like some help – come talk to us. OR,  if you would like to get involved in a new, exciting venture check out our Collaboration Projects  below and find out the fun and success you could be having.





One of the best deductions for business owners (and sales reps who drive a lot) is the mileage deduction.  At 56.5 cents a mile from the IRS in 2013 it can really add up!  Yet, most of us HATE keeping that  mileage log  – writing down everywhere we drive – is tedious! Most of us don’t do a very good job of it and some people who could have the deduction just don’t take it because it is too onerous a task to create the required log.

A Team at The Venture Spot set about to solve this problem.  After much research and finally partnering with the great folks at Vinsnap a wonderful solution was developed.   Click Here to find out about the new Mileage Trakker and how you can be part of the Beta Test!

PAST: (Closed project)

Member:  Maykok Technologies along with Design For Profit, American Cutting Tools, Big Kaiser & ZCC CT in China created a custom cutting tool for Kobelco in Calhoun. This tool was made using state of the art, leading edge material technology to create a first of its kind tool. This was a collaboration of the best talent in the world and these cutting tools are now being sought by other manufacturers around the world.

We congratulate this team on “Changing The Game”!


CURRENT:  (Open Project)

Personal Resume/ Company Spotlight Redesign

The current unemployment rates have been dismal. Everyday we hear of people who are looking for jobs or new business for their company and cannot find anything, while we hear of employers or business who claim they cannot find the talent they need.  The problem is particularly rampant with mid to upper level professionals who are trying to get hired and small to medium sized businesses who are trying to land new contracts/business.

Most applications are now done online and yet the online submission forms do not showcase the individual’s skill or businesses strengths nor is it a good way to determine if the individual or business you are looking to hire will be a good fit.

Members: Sherry Knott of 7 Hills Virtual Assistants, & Bobby Todd, George Spiller of Profit by Design and Michelle Spiller of Copywrited  set about to change the game. Their new resumes are incorporating the newest technologies, are making it possible to “meet the individual” and learn their real skill sets ahead of time and are getting rave reviews by employers or companies seeking partners.  People are moving to the top of the list, and getting themselves or their company hired!!

Along the way they got some consulting from Tom Sills of Sills Ventures and will now be getting a database expert to consult on the next phase of the project.  There will be room for a couple of other consulting team members so let us know if you would like to be considered.

We congratulate this team on “Changing The Game!”

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