Coworking Cohorts – Meet P.J.C.

P.J.C's Coffee Mug

P.J. C runs a boutique style coffee business.  He imports fresh beans from all over the world, then roasts them one pound at a time and delivers them ground or whole bean to his customers.  It is an excellent product with a loyal following.  For those retail customers who are not businesses, he was running […]

Coworking Cohorts: Meet B.T.

Man with Bright Idea

B.T.  was looking to do two things: 1) Change jobs – so he wanted to get a dynamite resume ready and 2) Start a business of his own – so he wanted to have somewhere to hang around other entrepreneurs who could teach him the basics and help him with some of his business ideas […]

Coworking Cohorts: Meet J.D

Coworking Cohorts Banner

J.D. is starting a branch office for a medical benefits company. Currently he works out of his home, but he is looking to hire two or three people to help cover a large territory and he eventually plans to have a formal office.  JD is a sharp, savvy guy who, in his previous position –as […]